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NJDC Commends the Election of Obama

Aaron Keyak — November 5, 2008 – 12:17 am | Barack Obama | Election 2008 | McCain | Polls Comments (0) Add a comment

This evening, Marc R. Stanley, Chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), released the following statement:

Although some votes are still being counted, there are three certain outcomes to this election. The next leader of the United States of America will be President-elect Barack Obama, the Democrats have increased their lead in both the Senate and House, and American Jewish voters have once again overwhelmingly supported the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Obama clinched the vast majority of the Jewish vote, receiving 78% according to MSNBC exit polls Tuesday evening (Senator John McCain received 21%). 

We congratulate Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden on this historic victory.  This year, the American people and Jewish voters sent a clear message rejecting a continuation of four more years of failed Republican policies and leadership. 

With Obama’s victory, we selected a candidate who shares the values of the vast majority of American Jews, including the separation of church and state, a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, and reproductive freedom.

Election after election for the last 36 years, Republicans have persisted in asserting that their nominee would gain a significant portion of Jewish vote.  Supporters of Senator John McCain engaged in an unprecedented anti-Obama campaign in the Jewish community. After spending millions of dollars on an ad campaign filled with misinformation and absolute lies, it appears that Jewish Republicans once again could not sway Jewish voters from supporting Obama.

This election has showed once again that American Jews continue to solidly support Democrats.  We are glad to see a new era in American politics after the last eight years of the disastrous Bush administration.


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