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JPost Poll “Finds Surge” in Obama’s Popularity with Israelis

David Streeter — September 28, 2011 – 10:26 am | Barack Obama | Israel | Polls Comments (0) Add a comment

The Jerusalem Post commissioned a survey that discovered a surge in President Barack Obama’s popularity among Israelis. JPost reported:

US President Barack Obama succeeded in reaching out to Israelis with his speech last Friday to the General Assembly and his efforts to block the UN from unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state, according to a Keevoon Research poll sponsored by The Jerusalem Post this week.

When asked about the Obama administration’s policies, 54 percent said they were more favorable toward Israel, 19% said they were more pro-Palestinian, and 27% called them neutral….

‘President Obama’s speech at the UN had a very big impact on Israelis,’ Keevoon director Mitchell Barak said. ‘He clearly stated support for key elements of the Israeli position while avoiding articulating some of the controversial US positions that divide Israelis. For Israelis, his speech at the UN was as much about what he didn’t say as it was significant for what he did say. The active role of the US in blocking a Palestinian state at the UN was also a significant turning point for how Israelis perceive the Obama administration.’

Barak also singled out the appointment of new US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro, who is Jewish, speaks Hebrew, and has reached out to the Israeli population to explain Obama’s positions.



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