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New Polling Data Challenges Blow’s Shaky Conclusions

David Streeter — August 27, 2010 – 2:52 pm | Barack Obama | Democrats | Polls Comments (0) Add a comment

New polling data released today by Gallup challenges the recent series of articles written by New York Times columnist Charles Blow and others. Contrary to some pundits, Gallup’s new findings demonstrate that American Jews have remained consistently more supportive of President Obama than Americans in general—and by the same margin since he was elected President. 

JTA’s Ron Kampeas wrote of the new data:

Gallup’s more reliable aggregate reporting shows no change in the Jewish-general population gap support for Obama.

Kampeas’ full analysis can be read here.

Blow is just the most recent in a decades-long series of pundits to falsely predict a sweeping migration of Jews to the Republican Party. But as evidenced by both the election returns in the FL-19 special election and the new data from Gallup, Jews remain solidly Democratic.


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