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AJC Poll Shows Obama Clearly Ahead Among Florida Jews

NJDC — September 20, 2012 – 12:54 pm | Polls Comments (0) Add a comment

The American Jewish Committee released a new poll of Jewish voters in Florida that found President Barack Obama leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney 69%-25%, with 5% undecided. Among undecided voters, 0% indicated that they lean toward Romney.

When the undecided voters are factored out, Obama leads Romney 73%-26%.

Some may try to compare the AJC’s data to the Florida exit poll data from 2008. However, such a comparison is equivalent to comparing apples and oranges, since the polls were conducted at different times in the calendar—and because there are (generally) no undecided voters on Election Day.

Today’s AJC poll is the latest demonstration that the sweeping majority of Jewish voters are solidly behind Obama. Recently reported data from Gallup found Obama leading 70%-25% nationally. 


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