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NJDC on Hagel

Aaron Keyak — October 29, 2009 – 12:12 pm | Barack Obama | Congress | Israel | Republicans Comments (0) Add a comment

Ira N. Forman, NJDC’s CEO, talked with Michael Goldfarb, editor of The Weekly Standard, last night about how NJDC sees the appointment of former Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) to serve a co-chair of the President’s National Intelligence Advisory Board.

Here’s an excerpt:

NJDC executive director Ira Forman responded by blasting his counterpart at the RJC, Matt Brooks. Brooks, Forman said, is “not concerned with little issues like shame or hypocrisy.” Forman said that RJC had plenty of opportunities to question Hagel’s record when Hagel was serving in the Senate. “Apparently [the RJC] just recently had a revelation” about Hagel’s foreign policy views. But neither was Forman prepared to denounce Hagel again now that the shoe was on the other foot. “Anybody who’s looking for purity from us is going to be disappointed,” Forman said in the course of declining to criticize the appointment.

Still, Forman isn’t a fan of Hagel. He suggested that NJDC would publicly oppose Hagel’s nomination for a position with more authority. “If [Hagel] was taking a policy role, we’d have real concerns,” Forman said.


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