Jewish Democrat, Jon Ossoff, Needs Your Help to #FlipThe6th

On February 10,  Rep. Tom Price was officially confirmed as secretary of Health and Human Services. While that was frightening, considering Rep. Price’s vehement opposition to the Affordable Care Act, it opened an opportunity for our party to take control of the seat.

On April 18, a special election will take place, and the staff at the National Jewish Democratic Council is very excited to see that Jewish Democrat Jon Ossoff is polling ahead of the pack. He is within striking distance of securing the requisite 50 percent threshold to win the seat. However, he still needs your help.

If you live in the district, click here and make sure that you are registered to vote and that you know where to find your polling place. Also, if you have the time, click here to volunteer for Jon.

If you live outside of the district, click here to donate.

This is a significant opportunity to push back against the nascent Trump administration. Trump and the Republican leadership are running our country into the ground.

Let’s hold congressional Republicans accountable. Stand up to Trump. Vote OSSOFF on April 18th. #FlipThe6th.