10-Year-Old to President Obama: "What Can I Do To Help?"

Each day, thousands of people from across the world write to President Obama sharing thoughts, ideas, questions or suggestions. During his time in office, the president has made a point to read 10 of those letters every day, responding in turn. In honor of Jewish American Heritage Month, the White House shared today one of those letters - this one from a 10-year-old Jewish American boy whose parents celebrated Hanukkah at the White House last year.

In his letter (which you can see here), Yadid Frydman Orlow asked the president three questions, including why the president hosted his Hanukkah reception, what he can do to help the country's racial divide and what the president's hopes and fears are for the next administration. President Obama wrote back, saying,

Another Jewish value I admire is the idea of Tikkun Olam - repairing the world - and I'm proud of you for asking how you can do your part. There are many ways to help make our country a better place, but a good place to start is the commandment from the Torah that we should treat strangers with kindness, since we were strangers once, too. My hope for the next administration, and for all future leaders, is that they never forget that simple yet profound ideal.

You can read the White House's full blog about Yadid's letter here.