Congrats to Democrats at the New Hampshire Primary

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders, the first Jewish candidate in U.S. history to win a presidential primary election.

Both Sen. Sanders’ and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s positions exemplify the types of progressive policies this election can bring to our nation – especially compared to the Republicans.

As the primary process moves forward, the discussion and debate on the democratic values that the vast majority of Jewish Americans care about -- from providing economic mobility for middle class Americans and ensuring civil rights to protecting those seeking refuge and safety from conflict -- continues. We appreciate that both Clinton and Sanders are bringing these issues to the forefront of their respective campaigns.

On the other hand, it is remarkable that Republicans voted for Donald Trump in New Hampshire by such a wide margin. While the Republican Party as a whole is out of touch with the values that Jewish Americans find important, Trump’s positions and statements, from his anti-Muslim rhetoric, to his outlandish views on immigration and refugees, among many others, have gone beyond anything that should be part of the American political discourse. We are dismayed by his victory in New Hampshire last night, and remain concerned by the invective coming from Trump and his supporters.