Prominent Members of the Orthodox Community Support Clinton

In the past two weeks, members of the Orthodox community have started speaking out against Donald Trump. Specifically, a rabbi from New Jersey, an honorary president of the Rabbinical Council of America, and an Israeli citizen, have all written op-eds. Here are excerpts from each:

Rabbi Menachem Genack in the Times of Israel:

When my daughter Ora and son-in-law Avi recently gave birth to a son, they were contacted by Hillary Clinton’s staff to find out the baby’s name.  As the bris was delayed for some time, Ora and Avi could not supply a name when the request arrived.  But I did not understand why anyone needed a name—wouldn’t it be sufficient to congratulate the baby’s parents?

Once the baby was named, the parents received two letters from Hillary: one wishing Mazel Tov to the parents, and a second one addressed directly to the baby.  Hillary wrote to my grandson Nachum, wishing him “a lifetime of amazing adventures and accomplishments, with those who love you cheering you along the way.”

Rabbi Kenneth Hain in the Jerusalem Post:

As election day nears and this historically polarizing campaign comes to an end, many congregants and community members have bemoaned the lack of an ideal choice for president. While saturated cable news coverage has focused on scandals which mostly serve to reinforce caricatures of the candidates, I want to share three snapshots from my personal interactions with Hillary Clinton. These exchanges, all far removed from the media spotlight, provide a perspective on Clinton that has not been sufficiently expressed within the Jewish community.

Melody Coven in the Times of Israel:

When I boarded the plane for Israel three years ago, I sat in the airport with my husband of sixteen days, unsure of what awaited us.  Fresh out of college and newly married, we decided to throw our fates in with the rest of Israel and make aliyah.  Now, three years, required army service, a daughter, and many adventures later, I write to you as a proud product of Israel and the United States.  I write to you ahead of November 8th, asking with respect and humility, that you vote against Donald Trump.