Lee Zeldin: Donald Trump's Jewish Mini-Me

GOP legislators have varying strategies for handling unorthodox Presidential Nominee, Donald J. Trump. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)--currently the only Jewish Republican in Congress--happens to share and echo many Trump's views. Journalist Douglas Bloomfield likens the two Republicans in an op-ed for the Jewish Journal. He writes

As the GOP's lone Jew in Congress Zeldin is often expected to give a hechsher or approval to his colleagues' positions on Israel. He is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, but the New York Post reported he "skipped out" on two thirds of the meetings in his first year that focused on ISIS and the Syrian crisis despite all "his tough talk" on those issues.

Zeldin told the Jerusalem Post that Trump would be a more reliable friend of Israel than Hillary Clinton despite saying he'd be neutral in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and that neither side really wants peace. He also flip-flops on where in Israel the U.S. embassy should be located, and has said Israel and other countries should reimburse Washington for past foreign aid.  

More alarming, 50 leading Republican former national security officials have said Trump would be an unreliable ally to America's foreign friends like Israel and is unqualified to be commander in chief.

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