Yesh Atid MK Yair Lapid Touts New MoU as Success for U.S.-Israel Alliance

Yesh Atid MK Yair Lapid is celebrating the new United States Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This MoU sets the tone of U.S.-Israel cooperation for the coming years. MK Lapid views the agreement as a success and further proof for Israel that “Lady Liberty never leaves her friends behind.” In a piece for Foreign Policy he writes:

Israel and the United States are putting the finishing touches on an agreement that will cement our alliance for years to come. The latest Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), set to go into effect in 2018, will provide Israel with about $3.9 billion a year in military aid for 10 years. The real value of this agreement, however, isn’t in the dollar amount, but in the defense technology that Israel will receive and the depth of the security cooperation between the two countries.

The first words that need to be said from the depths of our hearts are “thank you.” This agreement is critical to Israel’s security and the safety of its citizens. We live in the worst neighborhood in the world, surrounded by fundamentalist Islamists who would like nothing more than to see us killed. This agreement is a crucial component of our ability to defend ourselves.

The agreement is also part of a deep and long-standing strategic alliance between Israel and the United States. The foundations of the alliance are emotional and moral. In the two great struggles the West has faced since World War II — the Cold War and the war on terror — we stood together, shoulder to shoulder. And we also share many of the same values: a deep commitment to democracy; the protection of women’s rights, gay rights, and minority rights; and the understanding that freedom must be protected, sometimes with blood.

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Photo courtesy of Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images