Support for Israel Grows Among Democrats

On Monday, Gallup released the 2016 edition of its annual poll on global affairs attitudes in America, which showed a rise in Democratic support for Israel. In a year defined by the political tensions brought out by the Iran Deal, these findings show that Israel always has a friend in the American Democratic Party. Jacob Kornbluh of Jewish Insider reports:

Support for Israel grew by four percentage points among U.S. Democrats despite the debate over the Iran nuclear deal in 2015.

According to a new Gallup poll released on Monday, 53 percent of Democrats sympathize with Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, up from 49 percent in the 2015 poll. In comparison, 79 percent of Republicans sympathize with Israel over the Palestinians.

Overall, Americans’ views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remained steady over the past year, with 62 percent of Americans saying their sympathies lie more with the Israelis and 15 percent favoring the Palestinians. About one in four continue to be neutral, including 9 percent who sympathize with neither side and 3 percent who sympathize with both.

In light of these results, Tablet Magazine’s Yair Rosenburg poses a question; “Why is the “Israel is losing Democratic support” narrative so popular, despite not according with the data?” He writes:

In large part, the misunderstanding is driven by certain political operatives in both the pro- and anti-Israel camps who have an interest in interpreting the polling to show that popular Democratic support for Israel is eroding. Some pro-Israel conservatives want to cast the Democrats as anti-Israel to steal pro-Israel votes. At the same time, some Israel critics on the progressive left want to claim that recent Israeli policies are alienating Democratic voters, and therefore Democratic politicians need to adopt a more critical stance towards the country. But while this narrative is politically convenient for this unlikely bipartisan bunch, it doesn’t actually bear out in the numbers.