Sebastian Gorka: The Far-Right, Anti-Semitic Adviser to Trump Still Employed in White House

Most Americans know about Steve Bannon, the alt-right, anti-Semitic, nationalist adviser to President Trump but Bannon is in good company with Sebastian Gorka, who once might have been on the fringe of the political right but is currently employed as a Senior Official in the Trump White House. Gorka, with his ties to anti-Semitic political parties, questionable credibility in his field, and vitriolic views on Islam, contributes to the extremist environment within the White House and should be removed immediately.

Gorka has demonstrated his allegiance to the anti-Semitic Hungarian political group, the Vitézi Rend. He was pictured  at Trump’s Inauguration Ball wearing a medal from the group and insisted that it was in honor of his “father who had been tortured by the communists.” This is despite the fact of the evidence linking the group to anti-Semitism and that the State Department listed Vitézi Rend as a group under direction of the Nazi government during World War II.

Even though Trump presumably recruited Gorka for his expertise on national security issues, Gorka has been constantly questioned about his credentials in the field. Gorka’s research has “befuddled mainstream counterterrorism experts,” which is extremely concerning due to the fact that Gorka now has immense power over U.S. national security. Furthermore, his dissertation on which he gained his doctoral degree was seriously questioned in this article by Foreign Policy.

Gorka’s supposed expertise on national security issues, specifically his extreme views Islam, is concerning. Gorka uses the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” which breaks with Democratic and Republican policy of the past 16 years. Gorka’s simplistic analysis of Islam deems terror as rooted in the religion, which is in direct opposition to the view of intelligence agencies, religious scholars, and proven research.

Trump should immediately remove Gorka and other extremist advisers in the White House. Gorka’s ties to anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and demonstrated lack of knowledge necessary to his job should be concerning to any American.