President Obama Calls Schwartz Family with Condolences

President Barack Obama called the parents of Ezra Schwartz yesterday to share his condolences after the 18-year-old American was murdered in a terrorist attack in Israel last week. Michael Wilner reports in Jerusalem Post

"The president 'underscored that Ezra’s studies in Israel strengthened the bonds between Israel and the United States and, as we mourn his death, those bonds only grow stronger,' one senior administration official said of the call.

Several other Americans were injured in the incident, which was just one in a series of stabbings, shootings and vehicular attacks by Palestinian perpetrators that have plagued Israel in recent weeks.

Obama, the official continued, 'condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attack that took his life.'

US Secretary of State John Kerry also spoke with Schwartz’s parents, Ari and Ruth, on Monday before leaving for a trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories."

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