72% of US Jews Unfavorable Toward Trump and Cruz

Given that Jews in America skew Democratic by over a 2-1 ratio, we would expect the majority of American Jews to look at GOP hopefuls negatively. However, despite Sen. Ted Cruz’s and Donald Trump’s collective attempts to pander the Jewish vote, and overwhelming percentage view both Trump and Cruz unfavorably. Frank Newport analyses the new data from Gallup:

Ted Cruz has been very strong in his support for Israel throughout his career in the Senate and in his presidential campaign, including it as one of the top nine issues detailed on his campaign website. Yet Jews' opinions of Cruz are very negative, and no more positive than are their opinions of his Republican rival Donald Trump. More than seven in 10 Jews have an unfavorable opinion of both men. Cruz, of course, may expect that his strong pro-Israel stance will have a positive impact on the voting behavior of evangelical Christians in the Republican primaries and in the general election.

To read Newport’s analysis and see polling results, click here.