Betsy DeVos Unfit and Unqualified to be Secretary of Education

The Senate hearing over Betsy DeVos is the most visible example of the incoming administration’s latest efforts to rush a number of problematic and unqualified choices for important administration posts. DeVos is unfit for the job and seems to lack any real personal connection or experience with public education, tuition assistance. She is also without any strong familiarity with the civil rights laws that ensure a quality education for all Americans and protects students who may be denied the services they need to succeed in the classroom.

The National Jewish Democratic Council condemns the incoming administration's efforts to confirm this nominee, especially before being subjected to the customary ethics investigation— which, as of now, DeVos is not. The unwillingness to investigate possible conflicts of interest is disturbing, and a recurring pattern of President-elect Trump’s Cabinet. Most troubling, her views on allowing local school districts to compel Christian education violate our nation's most important founding principles -- such as Separation of Church and State and the Establishment Clause -- and are an affront to our community’s values. She is not fit to have significant influence over strengthening our nation’s education policy, and is certainly not fit to be the United States Secretary of Education.