Cruz's Hypocrisy on Israel's Iron Dome

Speaking in South Carolina this week, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz highlighted the success of Israel’s Iron Dome while pledging more funding for the U.S. military. While we too support and agree that the Iron Dome is a great military and defense success, we find it questionable that Cruz would tout the system’s success after his past policy actions. Jewish Insider reports: 

This statement came despite Cruz voting against the annual National Defense Authorization Act, a comprehensive defense budget authority bill that helps fund missile-defense programs like the Iron Dome.

Speaking aboard the USS Yorktown in South Carolina, Cruz pledged to invest in the U.S. military to ensure that it has the resources it needs to protect our homeland and maintain its status as a beacon of freedom and opportunity across the world. “America needs a strong military to protect our great nation and the freedoms we hold dear,” said Cruz. “Rebuilding the American military will be one of the most serious tasks facing the next Commander in Chief. We will invest in our military with a simple goal: more tooth, less tail.”

We find it incredibly hypocritical that Cruz would suddenly make such high statements on one of President Barack Obama’s signature pro-Israel accomplishments. Furthermore, one that both Cruz and the last GOP administration were “frosty” to and dismissive of, in response to the proposed missile defense system that was then dubbed “doomed to fail.”