Poll Reveals More Israeli Jews Are With Her

An August 2016 Israel Democracy Institute poll shows Israeli Jews preferring Clinton over Trump. 43 percent of Israeli Jews would like to see Clinton as the next U.S. president, compared with 34 percent who want Trump. JTA reports:

Trump does not have a plurality of Israeli Jewish support. Even on the political right, only 49 percent support him, with 23 percent preferring Clinton, according to the survey. The left (86 percent) and center (57 percent) have an “overwhelming preference” for Clinton, according to the Israel Democracy Institute.

“I expected the right-wing voters to support Trump in bigger numbers, but we can see less than half did,” said Cohen. “I know that in the United States, the right has concerns about Trump’s personality, and we can see this also on the Israel right.”

Among Israeli Arabs, who make up about 20 percent of Israel’s population, 58 percent prefer the Democratic nominee and 11 percent the Republican.

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