Carson Must Stop Using Nazi Rhetoric and Apologize

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today, GOP Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson once again used a Nazi analogy to speak about U.S. domestic policy and politics. In response to this rhetoric, and Carson’s pattern of comparing a range of topics to Hitler and the Nazi regime, the National Jewish Democratic Council released the following statement.

“Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has a disturbing pattern of comparing a range of topics to Hitler and the Nazi regime. Even his campaign has acknowledged the troubling nature of this pattern, yet Carson continues to choose to use this type of rhetoric.

“Campaigning in New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago, Carson admitted his awareness of the inflammatory nature of his remarks. ‘You know I think back to Nazi Germany — and I know the politically correct police say you are not allowed to say Nazi Germany but I am going to say it anyway because I don’t care what they say,’ Carson stated.

“Today, he again defended his use of Nazi and Hitler analogies on CNN. What Carson fails to realize, time and again, is that this rhetoric is unacceptable and there is nothing in our domestic politics or policy that should be equated to mass murder carried out by Hitler and the Nazis. Carson’s suggestion that some small arms in the hands of civilians would be able to successfully defeat the well-armed and genocidal Nazi war machine is absurd. He owes the entire Jewish population, as well as all the descendants of those murdered by the Nazis, an apology. It is way past time for Carson to stop using this type of rhetoric once and for all.”