Tim Kaine Is Good for Israel and Jewish Values

In an op-ed for JTA, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) argues that, due to Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine's strong track record with Israel and the Jewish community, the 2016 Democratic ticket is the natural choice for Jewish voters. Sen. Cardin writes:

What matters in these dangerous times is a mature, deep understanding of the challenges facing Israel as it seeks avenues for peace with security. And what matters are ongoing, real-world ties to the Jewish community in this country and the leadership in Jerusalem. Kaine, who proudly identifies as a “strongly pro-Israel Democrat,” has demonstrated both throughout his career.

Kaine serves on the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, its subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian affairs, and the Armed Services Committee, positions that give him a leadership role and a comprehensive understanding of fast-changing conditions across the region.

As the ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, I have a front row seat to Kaine’s thoughtfulness, inquisitiveness and mastery of the complex issues facing the United States, Israel and our allies and partners.

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Photo courtesy of: Jack Moline

Photo courtesy of: Jack Moline