Anti-Semitism Unleashed at New York Times Editor

Yesterday,  New York Times Washington deputy editor Jonathan Weisman illustrated to the Twitter world that anti-Semitism is alive and well, especially among some Donald Trump supporters. Gabe Friedman of JTA reports:

New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman is clearly familiar with the anti-Semitism of some Donald Trump supporters in the Twittersphere. So maybe he shouldn’t be surprised by the reaction to his own tweet calling them out for it.

But it’s hard not to be a little shocked.

On Thursday, Weisman referred to Trump’s wavering renunciation of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke back in February, Melania Trump’s justification of the anti-Semitism unleashed on reporter Julia Ioffe for her GQ profile of the would-be first lady last week and Sheldon Adelson’s recent appeal for Republican Jewish leaders to support the presumptive GOP nominee for president — all in less than 140 characters.

Weisman’s tweet caught the eye of “Cyber Trump,” who proceeded to bait the Washington, D.C.-based Jewish journalist into a response.  

After the exchange made waves in the Twitterverse, the anti-Semitic deluge only got far, far worse. Weisman retweeted the responses.

To see photos of the Twitter responses, and to read the story in full, click here

(Screenshot from YouTube); JTA

(Screenshot from YouTube); JTA