NJDC Statement on Josh Mandel Tweet Attacking the ADL

NJDC is disappointed that Ohio Treasurer and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel tweeted a dismissive message directed at the ADL. On Thursday, July 20, the ADL released “From Alt Right to Alt Lite: Naming the Hate,” a list explicitly calling out names of individuals and organizations that are openly anti-Semitic. Mandel reacted to this list by tweeting, “Sad to see @ADL_National become a partisan witch hunt group targeting people for political beliefs. I stand with @Cernovich & @JackPosobiec.” Mike Cernovich (@Cenovich) is best known for popularizing the “pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which falsely accused that the Clinton campaign was responsible for holding sex slaves in the basement of a pizzeria. Cernovich also has made numerous extremely offensive comments towards women including, “Have you guys ever tried raping a girl without force? Try it. It is basically impossible. Date rape doesn’t exist.” The other man Mandel defended, Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec), responded to being listed on the ADL with a video of him in front of Auschwitz, essentially using it as a prop in his video. Posobiec describes the ADL as discriminating against him like the Jews have been discriminated against for centuries. Posobiec disturbingly states, “The @ADL_National would be wise to remember what happened the last time people made lists of undesirables.”

Mandel’s tweet serves as a powerful reminder that anti-Semitism is prevalent even in the U.S., and exists in our government, neighborhoods and offices. NJDC condemns Mandel’s dismissive rhetoric and finds it shocking that a Senate candidate would defend anti-Semites for his own self-interest- ultimately diminishing faith in the ADL, an important Jewish institution.