Trump Supporter Calls Sec. Clinton an Anti-Semite

Yesterday, in an interview with the Nachum Siegel Network, Jeff Ballabon essentially called Secretary Hillary Clinton an anti-Semite. “I know people who’ve been victimized by this, people who worked for her who are Jewish who’ve borne the brunt of it, who’ve heard the way she curses out Jews every moment of the day,” Ballabon said. "I mean she cannot go – literally, in the words of friends of mine who worked for her, she can’t go an hour without calling somebody a bleeping Jew or a bleeping Jew bleep, whether they’re Jewish or not. She uses the word ‘Jew’ as a curse.”

We responded in a statement. “Even for the Trump campaign, its silence on Jeff Ballabon’s assertion that Hillary Clinton ‘curses out Jews every moment of the day’ is shocking. Ballabon, one of Trump’s biggest supporters in the Jewish community, must apologize to Hillary Clinton and her supporters – especially those of us in the Jewish community – for spreading such obvious and nasty falsehoods. That the Trump campaign still hasn’t condemned such comments from one of its top supporters in the Jewish community is unconscionable.”

NJDC Executive Director Aaron Keyak also spoke out. “Ballabon doesn’t literally believe what he said is true, does he? What does he have to say to Sen. Joe Lieberman or Rabbi Menachem Genack, head of kashrus for the Orthodox Union, or the many other prominent supporters of Hillary Clinton in the Jewish community? Ballabon should know better.”

The Trump campaign still has not responded to the controversy. To ready the full report in Jewish Insider, click here