Sheffey: Iran Deal Will Make World Safer for Our Children, Grandchildren

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)'s short speech, which notes the Iran agreement is a "chance to make the world a safer place now for our children and grandchildren," is a great summation of why this deal makes sense for all of us, both in the United States and Israel.

Illinois Reps. Tammy Duckworth (a genuine war hero), Bill Foster (the only nuclear physicist in Congress) and Mike Quigley (a member of the House Intelligence Committee) explained in their op-ed that the Iran deal, "while not perfect, gives us the best chance of stopping that country's dangerous nuclear program and serves the national security interests of the United States and our allies, especially Israel."

Hillary Clinton's speech last week demonstrated that her understanding of these issues dwarfs that of any Republican candidate for president:

"If we were to reject this agreement, Iran would be poised to get nearly everything it wants without giving up a thing. No restrictions on their nuclear program. No real warning if Tehran suddenly rushes towards a bomb. And the international sanctions regime would fall apart, so no more economic consequences for Iran either.

"Those of us who have been out there on the diplomatic front lines know that diplomacy is not the pursuit of perfection, it's the balancing of risk. And, on balance, the far riskier course right now would be to walk away. Great powers can't just jump agreements and expect the rest of the world to go along with us. We need to be reasonable and consistent and we need to keep our word, especially when we're trying to lead a coalition. That's how we'll make this and future deals work."

David Cameron, François Hollande and Angela Merkel are, respectively, the prime minister of Britain, the president of France and the chancellor of Germany. They refuted key arguments against the Iran deal.

Of the 28 Jewish members of Congress, 19 support the Iran deal and nine oppose it. This is the only poll of American Jews on Iran that matters, and the only poll that is verifiably accurate. I am confident that all 28 approached this issue with the seriousness and integrity it deserved, but I am especially proud of those who supported the deal in the face of vicious attacks from a segment of our community.

My wish for 5776. Now is not the time for recriminations. The deal is done. Reps. Steve Israel (D-NY) and Sandy Levin (D-MI), who were on opposite sides of the Iran controversy, co-wrote an opinion article on Friday that everyone should read.

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