Still Waiting on Trump's Stand Against Anti-Semitism

Donald Trump still has not fulfilled his obligation to stand up to his followers’ anti-Semitism, according to a recent column in the Forward. Threats to the Jewish reporters and opposition have become a disturbing reality amongst supporters of the presumptive Republican presidential candidate on Twitter and social media. Trump’s refusal thus far to directly address the bigotry only serves to embolden those spewing the hatred, a troubling trend that must stop. Bethany Mandel writes

A Rabbi on Orlando, the President on 'Radical Islam'

How should we respond to the Orlando massacre? Rabbi Sharon Brous suggests three ways: Fight for gun control, reach out to the LGBT community in solidarity, and condemn murder committed in the name of God. And "We must reject the venal calls for bans on Muslims from entering our country, which only serve to foment hatred and alienation, rendering everyone less safe. We must stand up to those who seek to exploit our fears for their own political gain."

Gun Control Is Not an Issue of Tomorrow, It’s an Issue of Today

Early Sunday morning, a gunman carried out the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, killing 49 and wounding an additional 53 at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando. With such an atrocity comes the normal tragic dialogue regarding how this has once again occurred, and the motivations of the perpetrator have already come into question. While the act was undoubtedly an act of hate during the height of Pride month, the deaths of these innocent club-goers have already been politicized to suggest that ISIS ties were the catalyst. Instead of acknowledging prejudice and discrimination against the LGBT community and the issues of gun control, national dialogue has focused elsewhere.

Pro-Hamas British Politician Picks Trump as 'Better Option'

George Galloway, an anti-Israel politician from Great Britain, attacked the prospect of Democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton becoming the next American president. Instead, the former MP hailed Donald Trump the better option, calling Clinton a “monster.” Galloway has been a controversial figure for years, gaining attention for his praise of the Hamas terror group, accusations of Israel, and high remarks for Saddam Hussein in the mid-1990's.

Senator Corker Notes Bipartisan Israel Support

Backing Israel should not be viewed as a partisan stance, U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee echoed at the AJC Global Forum. Senator Corker highlighted that there is support for the U.S.-Israel relationship among both Democrats and Republicans. He also assured that a new administration will relieve current tensions between the two governments and that a new memorandum of understanding between the countries will be reached very soon. Jacob Kornbluh, of Jewish Insider, writes

A Call for GOP Leadership

Following Trump’s racist remarks towards U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has called Trump’s statements, “the textbook definition of racist comments”. However, despite condemning Trump, Ryan has taken little action to combat these racist accusations. Republicans and party officials are justifying their continued support for Trump with the weak statement, “Hillary would be worse.” Douglas Bloomfield, of New York Jewish Week, elaborates on the vulnerability of electing a “dangerous, erratic, misogynistic, bigoted, lying, hate-monger” like Donald Trump

Nothing Shocking About Spending Money on Advocacy

This shouldn't even be news. Last week, our Republican friends were shocked, SHOCKED to learn that groups supporting the Iran deal spent money to get their message out. No, the funding did not come from the White House. Ploughshares Fund, an anti-nuclear arms group, doled out money to other groups supporting the deal. If you're upset about this, maybe you should ask yourself why so many groups that favor nuclear disarmament favored the Iran deal.