Jewish Dems: Huckabee Out of Step with American Jewish Voters

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor and cable talk show host, announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination today, the second time he has launched such a campaign. The National Jewish Democratic Council criticized Huckabee, stating that the former governor has shown through actions and deeds that he stands against the values and issues most important to American Jewish voters.

Sheffey: Republicans Playing Politics With Iran

The Senate Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed the Corker-Mendendez Iran Nuclear Review Act, which gives Congress a say in any final deal with Iran. But now some Senate Republicans are trying to kill the bill, and possibly any deal with Iran, by adding inappropriate amendments. That's why AIPAC is urging the Senate to defeat these amendments. Thus far, thanks to Senate Democrats and a few Senate Republicans who put country above party, the amendments have been defeated. 

GOP Attempts to Kill Iran Legislation Killed by... GOP Leaders

Currently, U.S. elected officials from both political parties are working on legislation that would provide an appropriate level of Congressional oversight over an agreement preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The bipartisan version of the Corker-Menendez bill obtained the unanimous support of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and, as NJDC stated several weeks ago, "allows the framework reached by our diplomatic team to stay on track to keep Israel and the Middle East safe while preventing a nuclear-armed Iran." Unfortunately, Republican officials, including presidential candidate Marco Rubio, have attempted to insert poison pill amendments in an effort to kill the legislation - an act that would only cause harm to Israel and the entire region. These efforts, as Politico noted today, are swiftly being rejected - by Rubio's own party.

Sheffey: Israel Is a Light Unto the Nations

Israel has sent more rescue workers to Nepal than any other country. We should all be proud. The BDS people wonder why Israel doesn't provide humanitarian aid to Gaza. In fact, Israel provides tremendous amounts of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The difference between Nepal and Gaza is that Nepalis don't try to murder the people who are helping them. Haviv Rettig Gur writes that Israel is helping Nepal not to win propaganda points, but because "there are people out there who desperately need help."

President Obama on Jewish American Heritage Month

This May marks the 10th annual Jewish American Heritage Month, a celebration of the important contributions to this country made by members of the Jewish faith. In an official proclamation of the event, President Barack Obama stated that "Jewish Americans represent a link in an unbroken chain of perseverance.  During Jewish American Heritage Month, we celebrate the hard-fought progress won through struggle and sacrifice, and we rededicate ourselves to building a world where diversity is cherished and faith is protected."