Growing Numbers in GOP Criticizing Trump

You really do have to wonder what planet anyone still supporting Donald Trump is on. Strong disagreements in previous presidential elections reflected differing but legitimate policy differences. I'm not sure it's possible to reason with anyone who still supports Trump. I've included some recent statements that our right-wing friends might find persuasive, but the best we can probably do is to encourage as many sane people as possible from both parties to vote and hope that there are more of us than them.

Reflections on a First Convention

Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to travel to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention as a fellow for the National Jewish Democratic Council and Bluelight Strategies. As a 20-year old college junior, this was my first-ever convention experience: a flurry of introductions, events, credentials, and large coffees amidst the sweltering Philadelphia heat. But above all, for this young Jewish Democrat, the week strongly affirmed the connection I feel between my Jewish and Democratic values – and the essential role our community plays in advancing a progressive platform in this election and beyond.