Bipartisan Group Issues Letter on Proposed Iran Nuclear Deal; Consistent with Administration's Goals

With just days remaining before the deadline for a nuclear agreement between the United States, the remaining nations in the P5+1 and Iran, a bipartisan group of American diplomats, legislators, policymakers and experts have issued a public statement endorsing U.S. policy towards the negotiations. The statement, issued by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, was signed by a wide range of well-respected leaders in the field, including David Patreaus, Howard Berman, Joe Lieberman, Dennis Ross, Steve Hadley Bob Einhorn, Gary Samore, and David Makovsky.

SCOTUS Stands with 83% of U.S. Jews - Affirms Marriage Equality for All

Today marks a historic victory for marriage equality and we at NJDC greatly celebrate this Supreme Court decision. In a 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down federal bans to same-sex marriage, confirming that the 14th Amendment requires states to license and recognize marriage between two people of the same sex. We rejoice in this historic day, and reflect on the significant place human rights has in our Jewish values.

Gov. Bobby Jindal Launches Presidential Campaign with Policies At Strict Odds with Jewish Voters

Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal is the latest hopeful to join the large crowd of 2016 Republican pool. Unfortunately, his heavily evangelical-influenced policies that come dangerously close to discarding the separation of church and state go strongly against the values of American Jewish voters.

Op-Ed: Obama Has a Stronger Record on Israel Than You Might Have Been Led to Think

The past week has seen the latest episode in an unrelenting campaign to delegitimize President Barack Obama’s strong commitment to Israel. It’s time to set the record straight on a president who has stood with Israel in times of crisis and has strengthened the Jewish state’s security in concrete ways, ensuring it maintains a qualitative military edge.

From his campaign for office to his recent talk at Adas Israel, a synagogue in Washington, D.C., Obama has made it clear that his commitment to Israel is and always will be unshakeable. “It would be a moral failing on my part if we did not stand up firmly, steadfastly not just on behalf of Israel’s right to exist, but its right to thrive and prosper,” he has said.

Obama’s actions prove his commitment.

Oren Gets Pushback in U.S. and Israel

Leading up to the release of his upcoming book, current Member of Knesset and former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren has released a series of op-eds and excerpts attacking President Obama and claiming that he has intentionally damaged the U.S.-Israel relationship. Oren's allegations have immediately come under scrutiny, with a wide range of journalists, officials and even leaders from his own political party.