Jewish Dems Slam Hikind for Crossing Line with Recent Attacks

As New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind has heightened his personal attacks on Rep. Jerry Nadler for his support for the Iran nuclear agreement, Democrats and members of the Jewish community have continued to be alarmed by his rhetoric. The National Jewish Democratic Council harshly criticized Hikind for crossing the line with his vicious assaults against Nadler and other pro-deal Democrats, including over-the-top insults against President Obama, anti-Semitic comments and inappropriate Holocaust comparisons.

Letter to Rep. Jerrold Nadler

Dear Congressman Nadler,

It was with shock and sadness that I recently read of the hateful attacks following your recent announcement stating your intentions to vote in support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Few politicians have shown as much dedication and love for the state of Israel as you, and yet I was appalled to hear of the awful rhetoric being directed towards you.

It is with this in mind that I am writing on behalf of the National Jewish Democratic Council to thank you. While we stand together on this important issue, my gratitude truly lies in your show of courage in voting your conscience on this important issue, just as many of your colleagues in the New York delegation, including Sen. Chuck Schumer, have shown in voting theirs.

Solow: "Obama is ‘dog whistling’ about Jews? Ridiculous"

As the debate over the Iran nuclear agreement has continued, the rhetoric of the deal's critics has continued to heighten. NJDC chair Greg Rosenbaum recently wrote about this issue, noting that much of the language used by opponents of the agreement has crossed the line into hatred. Now, in an op-ed published in JTA, the former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is speaking out against those who have accused President Obama of using anti-Semitic "dog whistles" in his efforts to secure the diplomatic agreement.

Op-Ed: Looking at the Facts, Iran Deal is a Good Deal

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or P5+1 agreement, is creating a monumental stir within the American Jewish community. Sadly, perhaps tragically, it appears to be creating a wide divide among an otherwise mostly unified people. We can and should have our own educated opinions. But, facts are facts.  We should not have our very own set upon which to base our judgments.

Questions abound whether this document blocks Iran’s pathway to nuclear weaponry. One must keep in mind that America was not alone in reaching this agreement after 22 months of arduous, protracted negotiation. The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council — China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States — plus Germany worked on one of the most comprehensive agreements ever conceived involving Iran’s nuclear program. No one, including President Barack Obama, is denying that there are strengths and weaknesses inherent in this seminal accord with a country we do not trust. But still, it is a good one.

Sheffey: Whom Do We Believe?

Don't rely on what others tell you; check the original sources yourself and then see if the reports you rely on are accurate.

President Barack Obama's speech at American University last week contained strong arguments for the Iran deal and powerful refutations of inaccurate criticism. The speech was pro-Israel in form and substance. The U.S. and Israel are better off with this deal than without it.

Op-Ed: The Line Between Disagreement and Hate

The nuclear weapons agreement reached last month by the P5+1 nations and Iran is a complex and vitally important one that requires careful study, analysis and debate. Regrettably, though, what we are seeing from the accord’s opponents is far from thoughtful, and much of the rhetoric coming from people against the agreement has been irresponsible, vicious and hateful — and warrants no place in civil society.

I’ve been pained in recent weeks to receive emails calling me a “kapo” and accusing me of helping to prepare for a second Holocaust. I’ve been shocked by the personal attacks on the president and on those of us who support the deal, with some of those attacks coming from within the Jewish community.

Sheffey: Opposing Iran Deal Endangers US and Israeli Security

Writing in The Hill today, Steve Sheffey discusses why contrary to what many would have you believe, opposing the Iran nuclear agreement actually puts Israel's security in harm's way. Sheffey writes:

Israel has a tremendous stake in this debate, but there is no one "pro-Israel" position on this issue. Between the existential threat to Israel posed by Iran and six years of anti-Obama propaganda from Israel's government, Israelis would be skeptical of any deal, especially one brokered by this administration. But Israel confronts the same question we confront: Is there a better, realistic alternative?