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March 1, 2013

Obama and Israel: By The Numbers

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#10: $650 million in supplemental funding for the Arrow and David’s Sling missile defense systems—double the amount spent by the Bush Administration

#9: $275 million in expedited supplemental funding for the Iron Dome rocket defense system

#8: 100% Pro-Israel voting record at the United Nations

#7: 27 Meetings and calls between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu that have been made public—more than with any other foreign leader

#6: 85% success rate of the Iron Dome, which saved countless Israeli lives and revolutionized Israel’s defense strategy

#5: 15 Dead Al Qaeda Leaders—at least

#4: More than $11.4 billion in foreign aid to Israel over four years—and growing

#3: 6 Iran sanctions bills and executive orders signed into law—and growing

50% decline in the value of Iran’s currency

40% decline in Iran’s oil exports and sales

#2: Support for 2 states for 2 peoples

#1: 1 Dead Osama Bin Laden

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